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5 tips for BIPOC grads entering the workforce

Krista Sinclair
February 24, 2023

Today, diverse workforces are more important than ever. According to a recent study by Indeed, companies with inclusive environments have higher employee satisfaction and retention and greater profits. It also revealed that “55% of job seekers say it is very or extremely important to work at a company that prioritizes diversity and inclusion.”

Companies are increasingly taking note of these advantages and actively recruiting BIPOC job candidates. Here are five tips for finding those companies and ensuring that your next job is one where your unique experiences are valued and appreciated.

1. Find growing industries 

Clarify Capital recently found that in some industries, salaries have decreased over the past 10 years; dentists, actors, and architects have all seen dips in pay. But airline pilots have seen a salary increase of nearly 72%! By comparison, the average annual American salary overall has increased by over 31%. 

Other careers that have had large salary increases include:

  • Dancers (up 48%)
  • Software developers (up 46%)
  • Farmers (up 44%)
  • Bartenders (up 42%)

Since salary increases typically indicate growth in a field, keep an open mind when starting a new career. If it’s not feasible to enter your chosen career field immediately after graduation, it’s good to have other options at the ready.

2. Leverage BIPOC job boards and resources

There are as many job boards for BIPOC applicants as there are diverse backgrounds under the BIPOC umbrella., a 100% Black-owned job board, is just one great resource. You may also want to check out PDN Recruits. Part of the Professional Diversity Network, it offers a large collection of diversity-centered job boards in one convenient location. Endless opportunities are just a few clicks away, starting with a Google search for a job board or network that suits your unique identity.

3. Find your people

Networking can be a huge help when you’re looking for the right job fit. Consider joining, starting, or building a professional network. There are countless professional associations with a BIPOC focus — A quick Google search for your chosen job sector can turn up organizations specific to your career field.

You can also expand your network online using Facebook groups and other social media platforms like LinkedIn. Or, consider finding or becoming a mentor. A great way to do that is to get involved with your school’s Alumni chapter.

4. Keep an eye out for red and green flags

There are some warning signs to be aware of while searching for your dream job. These red flags might include: 

  • High turnover
  • Rushed hiring process
  • Lack of transparency
  • Future promises
  • Unclear goals and expectations

Likewise, these green flags could be signs of a great place to work:

  • Transparency about salary and benefits
  • Diversity in leadership roles
  • Company values that align with your own
  • Clearly laid-out career growth and mentorship opportunities

5. Be your authentic self

Your voice and your unique perspective are powerful assets to whatever company you choose. Don’t be afraid to show up as your authentic self.

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