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WATCH: How to find and land a job, internship, or other opportunity in the Federal Government

Ryan Wood AvatarRyan Wood
June 7, 2021

Hope White of Hopeful Speaking and Consulting, LLC recently sat down with College Recruiter’s Steven Rothberg to discuss the best tips and practices to land jobs, internships, and more opportunities within the Federal Government.

Hope is a U.S. veteran who has nearly 30 years of experience working in various roles in the Federal Government, including the CDC and Veterans Administration. Through Hopeful Speaking and Consulting, LLC, she now helps veterans, those with disabilities, and others start and grow their careers in the federal government. She is the Federal Employment Expert.

Over the course of the video, Hope and Steven discuss a variety of topics including where to find job and internship opportunities in the Federal Government and how to ensure your federal resume guarantees you an interview. Hope breaks down the standardized process used by the Federal Government to award points to those who meet the criteria set for each position, and why the Federal Government is very different than corporate America in that sense.

Watch below for Hope’s advice on the topics mentioned above and so much more

–Please visit Hope White’s LinkedIn, where all the documents featured in this video, including her webinar schedule, can be found.

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