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3 tips from Brazen to improve the diversity of workforces by employing more students and recent graduates who have physical or mental disabilities

Ryan Healy
May 6, 2021

College Recruiter recently asked career experts for their top three tips for employers who want to improve their diversity, equity, and inclusion by recruiting more college students and recent graduates who are mentally or physically disabled. Below are tips from Ryan Healy of Brazen:

As an employer, it’s important to hire from a talent pipeline that is diverse, inclusive and accessible for a well-rounded workforce. Equitable professional opportunities are a core pillar of DEI initiatives at Brazen, and some tips we have for improving diversity in workforces include:

  1. Offer many channels for engagement, because recruiting is not a one-size-fits-all process. It’s important that employers meet candidates at their unique comfortability levels and abilities when interviewing and facilitating next steps in the recruitment process, especially through virtual solutions. For example, if a candidate prefers text-based 1:1 chat or audio/video chat, make sure those functions are available for the interview. Alternatively, if a candidate prefers to consume information only by perusing the group discussion feed and submitting their resume for consideration, that should also be an option. The key is to offer scalable options for candidates of all comfort levels and abilities. Employers who offer various options to access content and engage with job opportunities are fostering a recruiting process that is accessible and customized.
  2. Many talent acquisition teams across companies focus on abilities, not disabilities, and encourage the unique perspectives and ideas individual candidates can bring to the company. Candidates with a particular skill set or area of interest based on their abilities should be seen as a benefit, not a disadvantage, and it’s important more employers take this approach to hiring talent with physical or mental disabilities.
  3.  Hosting virtual events designed especially for students with disabilities is another way to foster inclusivity. Not only are virtual events easier to attend for students with disabilities, but virtual events are also a great way for employers to target recruitment to marginalized student populations.  At Brazen, we have dozens of customers that take the time to create opportunities for students with disabilities to connect with their teams by hosting virtual events.  The great thing about these events is that candidates can connect with current employees within the organizations who have disabilities and share their experiences.

Ryan Healy is the President and Co-Founder of Brazen, a virtual events and recruitment platform.

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