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The Most Important Hard and Soft Skills for 2021

Steven Rothberg AvatarSteven Rothberg
January 29, 2021

Content courtesy of Abby Christensen of Resume Now

With the dramatic change the world endured in 2020 has surfaced a new way of working, and new skills that it requires. Employers are ever-changing their focus and finding that the ability to lead is as important as understanding how to manage a business, and being creative is just as valuable as understanding artificial intelligence. 

While jobs across the nation evolve and workplaces continue shifting, how are you to know what hard skills vs. soft skills to emphasize in your job search? Focusing only on the hard skills you’ve learned in college or your previous job no longer fit the bill. The pages are turning and hiring managers are looking for past experience, soft skills, and an ability to showcase them throughout the whole hiring process. Check out the infographic below for a complete guide to the hard and soft skills you need to stay competitive in 2021.

— Abby Christensen is a content creator who focuses on creating useful content for Resume Now in order to help job seekers get hired. She has a background in digital marketing and, having found work in a period of economic turmoil, aims to help others do the same. 

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