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Employer recruitment in the COVID-19 era: a silver lining

Steven Rothberg AvatarSteven Rothberg
January 26, 2021

Article courtesy of Universum Communications. Results based on a survey of 350 employer representatives from October – November 2021.  

A discouraging blow  

Young people and their job prospects have been hit especially hard by the pandemic. Internships are canceled, graduate programs are delayed, and hiring budgets have been cut.  

Amidst the downturn, there is a silver living for campus recruitment and students preparing to enter this turbulent job market. 

More attention to student recruitment 

A majority of surveyed companies say they are trying to make themselves more approachable to students. 57% also report making a greater effort to understand student needs and preferences throughout the pandemic.  


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It’s a scary market when 35% of employers report lower higher in this post COVID-19 era. Despite hiring freezes and layoffs, companies are trying to follow through with new talent. Nearly ¾ have been able to maintain or increase their internships and graduate programs. 

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Good news for diversity in recruitment  

Employers have largely tried to replace their on-campus recruitment initiatives with virtual interactions. With virtual recruitment, employers can now not only reach a larger audience, but they can also widen the scope of who they engage with.  

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This is particularly good news for diversity in recruitment. Under-represented minorities are one of the most likely cohorts to attend virtual career-related events. With employers’ presence at more schools and a wider range of candidates able to attend career-related events comes greater opportunities for diversity candidates to put themselves in front of employers. Employers are also paying closer attention to diversity, with 84% declaring it as an important consideration in the future of recruiting (LinkedIn, 2020).  

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The way forward  

The pandemic is likely to have lasting impacts on the way we work and the way employers recruit. Most employers will maintain virtual recruitment efforts even after the pandemic begins to ease.  


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— Article courtesy of Universum Communications. With employers casting this wider net to engage students and investing in adapting to student needs, how can you make sure your voice is heard?  Take the CareerTest 2021 and convey your communication and employer preferences to recruiters across all major industries.  

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