College students seeking internships during this COVID-19 pandemic should follow-up with the employer’s recruiter

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College students and recent graduates who are searching for part-time, seasonal, internship, and entry-level jobs often ask College Recruiter how they can stand out — in a good way — to an employer.

I just received four great tips from Ciara Van De Velde of Employment BOOST, a leading career services and outplacement firm. As a Client Engagement Manager, Ciara advises job-seeking clients, including students and recent graduates, as to how they can land a job in today’s market despite the COVID-19 pandemic. One of her tips directly touches on how job seekers should follow up on their applications with the employer’s recruiter, hiring manager, or other appropriate points of contact.

  1. Tailor your resume to each job posting. Using the same resume to apply to multiple positions is ineffective. Tailor your resume by reviewing the job posting’s requirements and incorporating the  desired skills / abilities within your resume.
  2. Candidates should seek out recently posted internships by using the “Date Posted” filter within the job board. Candidates who apply to recently posted jobs will increase their chances of hearing back from the recruiter at a much faster rate, therefore, they should target roles that were posted in the past two weeks. 
  3. Message the company’s recruiter after applying to the job posting. If the job description includes the recruiter’s contact info, send a brief message to the recruiter to let them know you applied to the role. The candidate should also attach their resume to the message. If the recruiter is not listed on the job posting, seek out the company’s HR manager via LinkedIn and let the HR manager know you applied to the role. The HR manager will be able to send over your resume to the recruiter responsible for that particular job requisition.
  4. Set a weekly goal for job applications. It’s important that you stay consistent and apply to eight to 10 positions each week.
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