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Although there has been a lot about 2020 that most of us would like to forget, I suspect that years from now we will look back at the summer as a turning point in how employers view the hiring of diverse students and recent graduates.

It has long been true that most college students and recent graduates are employed by large employers, but what has also been true is that many and perhaps most of those employers approached diversity hiring more as something they needed instead of wanted to do. They needed to comply with legal and even societal pressures and so they did what they needed to do. But very, very few embraced changing their hiring practices to hire more diverse candidates let alone more diverse students and recent graduates.

That all changed on May 29th when the Minneapolis Police Department killed George Floyd just miles from my home. Suddenly, people and organizations like Black Lives Matter who were trying to reduce such violence were mainstream and people who paid little to no attention woke up. Some still resist the premise that systemic racism exists in our country, but those people are now outliers. Hopefully, they’ll evolve and actively work to end racism. If not, history will see little difference between them and members of hate groups like the Ku Klux Klan, Boogaloo Bois, Proud Boys, and neo-Nazis.

I’m no exception. I could have done more. I am doing more. But I am proud that College Recruiter has always actively worked to reduce racism and to increase the hiring of diverse students for internships and recent graduates for entry-level jobs. For example, it was five years ago that Verizon Communications hosted at its New Jersey headquarters our College Recruiting Bootcamp on how to hire diverse STEM students and recent graduates. Many but not most of the attendees were people of color. Our moderator was a woman of color and a College Recruiter employee. She brought perspective to the topic that I as a white male simply could not have done. More recently, I shared a video with 12 tips for hiring more diverse college students. Both are a part of a playlist that we long ago created on YouTube of our videos that are related to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

I hope that some of our YouTube videos prove to be helpful to your organization as it embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion not just because of legal or societal pressures and not just because it thinks that DEI is the right thing to do, but because the more diverse an organization’s workforce, the more productive is that workforce.

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