Should high-volume hiring employers of students and recent grads measure the effectiveness of their campus recruiting programs by cost-per-hire?

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— By Dennis Theodorou, Managing Director at JMJ Phillip Executive Search

Utilizing cost per hire for mass hiring is useful as it allows you to understand the total cost of onboarding a large number of employees.  It allows you to keep track of how much money you’re spending during the recruitment process, in particular, where the money is spent and how much money was spent to hire each candidate. You’re able to track the efficiency of your processes and team members.

Cost per hire lets you analyze your external and internal resources and how long it’s taking you to onboard a particular position. You can then judge whether you are investing in the right processes and platforms for your organization’s hiring needs. When you identify the appropriate method of hiring for your needs, you can then really streamline the process over the long-term.

— Article courtesy of Dennis Theodorou, Managing Director at JMJ Phillip Executive Search, a boutique, global, executive search firm specializing in the manufacturing, supply chain, and technology sectors.

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