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By: Michael Klein, CEO, God’s Greenery/askCMD

How the recruitment process can be a rewarding experience

Think of your first few jobs out of school as a buffet. They are the chance to sample a number of industries and learn about different roles, all of which contribute to your personal story and can help determine which path you ultimately want to take with your career. The task can be daunting – from financial constraints (I need a job!) to not knowing what you want to do, to concern that your skill level and experience may not align for a particular job. However, there are several ways to gain experience, earn an income, and build your story, all on your own terms.

Be your authentic self

The recruitment process is all about telling your story. Employers want to hear about your experiences in life and what you learned at every step of the way: your successes and how you achieved them, and, more importantly, your failures and what you did to overcome them. Being transparent and presenting your authentic self demonstrate your willingness to grow as a leader.

You are in demand. And in control.

Brands are eager to build a relationship with student and recent graduate populations. The success of coupon programs like honey are a testament to the influence this audience has.  Many brands, from XBox to Lululemon, offer affiliate or ambassador programs. Sign up, share your personal link with your community, and earn a referral fee for every purchase someone makes.

The concept is based on social selling. You discover a brand or product you love – your social currency – and are rewarded for sharing it with your friends. For the entrepreneur-minded, these programs offer an opportunity to unlock your potential and build your own business.

Develop key transferable skills

With the right approach, being a brand representative or ambassador provides the opportunity to build on your creativity, strategy, social media, and communication skills. You are in control. How is your personal brand expressed with the product you are representing? What is your strategy to reach potential customers? What do you ultimately want to achieve? Don’t be deterred by lack of experience at first-many companies help with onboarding by providing you with editorial content, marketing materials, and more. You’ll also build and expand your network for future opportunities.

It is important that you do your homework when looking for these opportunities. Make sure the company is reputable and that the product or service is aligned with your values. There should be no application fees or monthly payments due. Online platforms like Reppr are a great place to start to find verified companies that offer programs.

Experience counts

It’s not easy to build your own business. It takes drive, dedication, and determination. However, the experience (both positive and negative) all contribute to your story. And this experience will undoubtedly help you as you continue to grow and forge your career path.

— Article courtesy of Michael Klein, CEO of God’s Greenery, who founded the company to deliver a faith-friendly and high-quality CBD product line that everyone would recognize as the best CBD around. Be sure to check out God’s Greenery Ambassador Program.

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