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Case study for using email campaign to drive highly targeted candidates at scale to your ATS

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High volume hiring requires a very different approach than when you’re just looking to hire one person here or one person there.

Many employers who just need to hire one person will post an ad for $75 for 30-days, get 10 to 25 applicants, hire a good person, and call it a day. But what if you want to hire 10 or even 50 people? You’ll need 10 or 50 times the applicants so do you post the same job 10 or 50 times? That’s just not feasible.

College Recruiter believes that every student and recent graduate deserves a great career. Our customers are primarily Fortune 1,000 companies, government agencies, and other employers who hire at scale, meaning dozens or even hundreds into the same or similar roles. They advertise with us their part-time, seasonal, internship, and entry-level jobs that require zero to three years of experience.

Want an example of a typical large hiring need and how we help? An intelligence agency knows that the more diverse its analyst teams, the better their analysis. Diversity means different things to different organizations, but to this government agency it includes recruiting STEM candidates from hundreds of HBCU, HACU, TCU, and other schools across the U.S.

We have permission to email about seven million students and 10 million recent grads (about 40 percent of those groups) and so it is likely that we’ll have at least 75,000 and often several hundred thousand candidates who fit the desired profile for a particular campaign. We generate an Excel spreadsheet showing how many we have at each of their target schools by year of graduation. The intelligence agency, through its advertising agency, purchases the campaign, provides the subject line and HTML message body, and we deliver that to the same candidates twice. The follow-ups double the response rate.

For a campaign to 75,000 candidates, we deliver about 2,000, engaged, highly targeted candidates to the employer’s career site. For a typical employer, that means about 200 applicants and 10 hires, for an effective cost-per-hire of only $500. That’s about 1/7th the cost of hiring the same candidates through on-campus recruiting.

Would it make sense to pilot an targeted email campaign?

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