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Case study for using targeted email campaign to promote virtual career event

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College Recruiter does not sell virtual career events to our employer customers. A large number of our employer customers – primarily Fortune 1,000 companies, government agencies, and other employers who hire at scale – also use virtual career events.

Those employers advertise their part-time, seasonal, internship, and entry-level jobs with College Recruiter. In some ways, we compete because there are only so many dollars in a budget. But mostly we’re complementary because we help a lot of our customers drive the right quantity and quality of candidates to their virtual career events.

Recently, an employer discovered on a Wednesday that hardly anyone had registered for their event, which was scheduled for the next Tuesday. They purchased from us a targeted email campaign for $5,000. We delivered 75,000 emails the next day to students with the targeted schools, majors (STEM), years of graduation (2021-22), and diversity (black, female, military veterans). On Monday, the day before the event, we delivered the same email to the same 75,000 candidates.

Instead of almost no candidates being aware of the event, about 16,000 were. Instead of almost none engaging, about 2,400 did. Instead of almost none attending, hundreds did. Instead of hiring almost no one, they hired about twenty. The event was a win-win-win: the employer brought the opportunities, their virtual career event vendor brought the platform, and College Recruiter brought the diverse, STEM candidates at scale. Would it make sense to pilot an email campaign to help ensure the success of your next virtual career event?

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