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How to ensure a good turnout to your virtual career event

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Until the spring of 2020, most Fortune 1,000 companies, government agencies, and other employers who hire at-scale have looked to on-campus career events and interviewing as central to their college and university recruiting programs.

Different employers have tried different strategies to replace on-campus recruiting. Many are using multi-employer, virtual events while others are hosting their own events. Either way, they’re a waste of time unless marketed to the ideal candidates. Career services do a lot of things very well, but marketing employment opportunities on behalf of a variety of employers isn’t one of them.

How should you market your virtual career event? Use a variety of tactics and repeated messaging to the same candidates. Build awareness then engagement then ask the candidate to take action by attending the event. Ask career services to promote it. Share it socially. Email it to candidates in your ATS. And get it in front of the right candidates at the right time via a high-quality, proven, targeted email campaign.

College Recruiter believes that every student and recent graduate deserves a great career. More than 2.5 million students and recent grads of one-, two-, and four-year colleges and universities use our site a year to find part-time, seasonal, internship, and entry-level jobs. Virtually every week and often multiple times a week, we deliver on behalf of our employer customers emails targeted to candidates of certain schools, geography areas, degrees, majors, years of graduation (2010 to 2023), grade point average, languages, diversity (race, gender, military veterans, people with disabilities), and more. We’ve delivered thousands of targeted email campaigns, so we know a thing or two about this. If you’re looking to hire dozens or even hundreds, let me know. We’ll get right back to you with some suggestions for how we can help.

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