Wear pants to your next video or phone interview

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When preparing for a phone or video interview it is first important to remember that the foundation and expected questions for the interview are the same as an in-person interview, and therefore you should be ready to answer a few common questions to include:

  • Tell me about yourself. A version of this question is almost always seen in an interview and a great way to answer the question is to frame it as who you are at present, 1-2 highlights from your past, and what you hope to do in the future (present, past, future).
  • Tell me about a time when...you worked on a team, overcame a challenge, etc. These behavioral situation questions are best answered using the STAR method (a situation, task, action, and result) and you should really practice several different versions to prepare.
  • Company and role-specific questions. These are there to test your research and commitment to the role, make sure you take the time to understand the opportunity and research the company!

To ensure an upcoming video interview goes well there are a few additional tips you can follow:

  1. Wear pants. This may seem obvious or conversely unnecessary as of course, in a video interview you are only seen from the waist up, but what research has found is that wearing the full professional uniform allows you to get into the mindset of a professional interview, and beyond that leaves you one less thing to worry about (what if you stand up? what if something happens?). One less thing to worry about will give you one less challenge you have to overcome so when choosing your professional video interview outfit, choose a complete look.
  2. Eliminate all background noise. This will be finding a room and space that you are able to shut out all distractions and focus solely on the interview. If using headphones do remember that wireless headphones tend to pick-up more back-up noise than you the direct user may be aware of, so you will want to trial the technology you use.
  3. Open the Meeting Platform prior to the Interview. While you may be well acquainted with common platforms such as Zoom or Google Meet, some companies have their own platform (Bluejeans, GotoMeeting, teams, and more) and that platform may require you to complete a download or adjust settings for your sound and video to work. Consequently, you will want to trial the platform prior to the interview to ensure nothing goes awry.

— Article courtesy of Jillian Low, Director of University Partnerships, CRCC Asia. New CRCC Asia Blog: Top Tips to Ace Working Remotely

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