How AI Can Better Our Education, Careers, and Businesses

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Artificial intelligence (AI), sometimes called machine learning or machine intelligence, is in its infancy yet poised to fundamentally change how we work, are educated, and run our businesses. AI is already impacting how leading employers engage with students and recent graduates and then hire and manage them.

AI offers tremendous opportunities to those in talent acquisition and human resources as well as society as a whole, but also poses some threats.

University relations, talent acquisition, and other human resource leaders from corporate, non-profit, and government organizations gathered on on Monday, December 10, 2018 at Google for a highly interactive, collegial, and informative day of learning. It was goal of the organizer, College Recruiter, that the hundreds who attended either in person or via livestream left with a roadmap for how they and their organizations could not only survive, but also thrive by using AI to enhance their existing talent acquisition tactics and strategies.

This video captures the opening keynote and related panel discussion at the College Recruiting Bootcamp on AI at Google.

Presenter: Tarquin Clark, Google Cloud’s Director of Partnerships and Go To Market – Cloud Talent Solutions and Hire.


Roopesh Nair — President and Chief Executive Officer of Symphony Talent.

Jayne Kettles — Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer for GR8 People.

Joe Essenfeld, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Jibe.

Justin Lumby, Vice President of Technology Strategy for TalentNet Inc.

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