Gen Z Talent: Understand Them to Recruit Them [white paper]

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All of your college recruitment, from now until 2033, will be tapping Gen Z talent. To say that Gen Z will change the workforce is an understatement. At College Recruiter, where we are this close to entry-level talent and swim in the pool of TA trends, we think this generation will transform your workforce.

Gen Z, born after 2000 (some say as early as 1995) will make up 20% of workforce by 2020. We have learned a lot about what makes Gen Z different and how you can recruit them. We teamed up with Door of Clubs to tap into current insights and bring you a white paper full of real tips for recruiters, employment branding specialists and HR leaders.

Read the full white paper to understand how to shift your entry-level recruitment to attract Gen Z candidates

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In the white paper we discuss:

  • Diversity and equity
  • This concept of authenticity that everyone is buzzing about (especially Gen Z)
  • Gen Z’s focus on career and what that means for attracting them
  • What benefits will likely stand out to Gen Z candidates
  • Sourcing from non-traditional schools
  • Access points to recruit them
  • Shifting your employer brand to be more Gen Z-friendly

Test your knowledge of Gen Z! This generation is different from the millennial generation. Very different. So catch yourself before you start making assumptions about them. Gen Z is a transformative generation. It is unique and not like anything you’ve seen before. Some quick facts:

  • One of the most defining characteristics of Gen Z is its diversity. They are the first non-White majority generation. Read more about diversity below.
  • Gen Z is the first digital native generation. They are the biggest consumers of media, and have consumed media since a very young age, including streaming movies, shopping, social media, etc. They do not remember a time when information wasn’t a click away. The interesting thing is, 79% believe they spend too much time online, according to J. Walter Thompson Intelligence. They understand computers, and their users, as being connected to all other computers in the world.
  • While they often shop online, they actually prefer to buy from small, local family-owned shops in person. As consumers, they are somewhat turned off by huge corporations.
  • Throughout their lives, Gen Z has been exposed to economic strife, including the Great Recession. The U.S. has been at war their entire lives, and school shootings have become the norm. As such, they seek security and stability.

Read more in the white paper “Gen Z Talent: Understand Them to Recruit Them” (no need to register to download).

Authenticity is one value of Gen ZAt College Recruiter, we believe in two things. First, that every student and recent grad deserves a great career. Second, that both candidates and recruiters deserve a high quality experience. So it makes sense that we put this white paper together. We want you–recruiters and talent acquisition professionals–to be successful in recruiting this next generation. And we know we can help! College Recruiter is the leading interactive recruitment media company used by college students and recent grads. Our primary customers are Fortune 1,000 companies and government agencies who advertise their part-time, seasonal, internship and entry-level positions with us to recruit dozens, hundreds, or thousands of students and recent grads.

We give a big thanks to Pranam Lipinski, CEO of Door of Clubs, for sharing his deep insight into what makes Gen Z tick and how that translates to recruiters.

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