Changing priorities at College Recruiter to help employers hire at scale

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Recently, someone asked me what College Recruiter’s priorities were five years ago, versus our priorities today. And if they changed, why?

Five years ago, we were all still emerging from the Great Recession. The economy was unstable. No one really knew if we were about to plunge back into a recession or if we were in the early stages of a long, slow, and unsteady recovery. Fortunately, the latter was the case. At College Recruiter, revenues and profits were increasing and we were looking to the next three, four, even five years and making strategic decisions. 

Five years ago, we invested in technology

We needed to be smart about how much to invest and in what because if the economy turned south, we didn’t want to be in a position where we overinvested and created a cash flow problem. We decided to invest heavily in our technology to better serve our employer customers, as well as the students and recent graduates who use our site to find part-time, seasonal, internship, and entry-level jobs. Thank goodness that we did as our old software was starting to crumble and the new software has allowed us to execute.

Today, we are able to help employers hire at scale

Today, College Recruiter’s priority is to execute on our business plan, which was made possible by the very different priorities that we had five years ago. We are a leader in helping employers who need to hire at scale because we have the technical ability to do so. Most of our competitors are unable to drive hundreds or even thousands of candidates to a job posting ad. They are unable because their systems are built under the assumption that a single job posting ad equates to a single hire, and so they’d be doing a disservice to both employer and candidate if they drive far more candidates to a posting than the employer needs in order to hire one person. But when an employer needs to hire dozens or even hundreds for the same role in the same location, they need far, far more candidate flow. The investment that we started to make five years has allowed us to serve that need.

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