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[Infographic] Recruiting trends 2018 and what got us buzzed at the College Recruiting Bootcamp

At last month’s College Recruiting Bootcamp, we held many engaging conversations with employers about their recruitment challenges, solutions and the trends they are seeing among students and grads. Thank you to Shaker for co-organizing the event with us, and to Intuit for hosting at their beautiful headquarters in Mountain View, CA. You can watch the recorded event for free, no registration needed.

Here are the takeaways that got the room buzzing the most. 

Recruiting trends 2018 from college recruiting bootcamp

We held so many valuable conversations with employers at this event, hosted by Intuit. The following nuggets are what got people buzzing most during the event. 

On campus recruiting

  • Career fairs should probably your “second touch” for candidates, after engaging with them in a non-traditional way. -Mona Tawakali at KRT Marketing
  • Recruit part-time students. Because they work while going to school, they often have relevant professional experience. -Angela Ciborowski at EY
  • Intuit has changed how much they prioritize recruiting from top schools. Now, they recruit top talent from about 80 schools without even stepping foot on those campuses. -Dawn Carter at Intuit

Hard-to-find talent

  • How to convince leadership that GPA is not best indicator of top talent: Create personas of success by looking at the skills and values of the job. -Dawn Carter at Intuit
  • Trick to identify entry-level engineering talent from underrepresented groups is to target their parents. “Apples don’t fall far from the tree.” -Cindy Reuter at Capstone Technology Resources
  • To better compete for great talent, more companies have begun to offer bonuses to employees who refer students for internship jobs in their organizations.

Candidate experience

  • Think about the resentment cost of providing a negative candidate experience. -Kevin Grossman at The Talent Board
  • Only use gamified hiring assessment because you’ve determined it’s the best way to communicate content to candidates and gather info from them, NOT just because it’s fun. Pre-employment assessments must be job relevant, not gratuitous, and a chance for candidates to show what they’re capable of. -Marc Wenzel at Shaker and Kari Bauer at CKR Interactive
  • Tip when using pre-employment assessments: Gather test questions from the hiring manager. -Marc Wenzel at Shaker

Shocker stats

  • 1 in 10 jobs are for Amazon. Everyone in TA will be impacted by their new campus with 50,000 employees. -Dawn Carter at Intuit
  • Three quarters of undergraduate students are non-traditional. -Kevin Grossman at The Talent Board
  • On average, organizations worldwide spend US$11,225 per individual to recruit top STEM talent.

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