Takeaways from College Recruiting Bootcamp at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

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We asked a few people who attended last month’s College Recruiting Bootcamp about their takeaways. Several weeks after the event, they are still thinking about our conversations regarding relationships, data and metrics, and work culture.

Cassandra Jennings, University Relationship Manager, FDM Group: The greatest takeaway from the bootcamp experience is that no matter the industry or company, we have a shared need to connect and build campus relationships that are successful and make a difference to the bottom lines at our firms.  Though technology is ever changing, students still need to connect and we need to wade through all of the external noise and help students understand who we are, what we do and how we work in an honest and down-to-earth voice.

Along with the challenges of messaging, we also need to keep an eye on meaningful metrics to help us communicate the importance of university relations and the positive impact it makes on the business.

We are a few weeks away from the bootcamp and I’m still thinking about how our company, FDM Group can convey our brand on campus in a meaningful way.  We hired more than 600 students in 2016 and anticipate that our campus recruitment numbers will increase exponentially this year as our business continues to grow in North America. This is an exciting time at our firm and we need students to understand that this is a great opportunity to get valuable work experience and a great place to launch a career with us. 

Deena Emry, Recruiter at Clearwater Analytics: The biggest takeaways from the bootcamp for me were: 1) Building relationships is most important, and 2) Having data is crucial to making decisions.  I am currently still thinking about the ways to make our internship experience better: more fun and more efficient.

Jennifer Weeks, GEICO: I really enjoyed the presentation on branding and culture. What I’m still thinking about is how most campuses have different cultures… You have to figure out what is going to work for the students at that particular university/college, and most importantly, how you’re going to engage and attract the type of student you are looking to recruit.

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