Job postings on College Recruiter outperform those on competitor sites by 472.4 percent

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Apply NowEver hear the expression about it being important now and then to stop and smell the roses? Well, I just did that and was it ever refreshing.

A potential new client of College Recruiter challenged us to do more than just tell him that his job postings would work well on College Recruiter. He wanted to know how much better they would likely work on our site as compared to other job boards and he wanted us to provide to him actual data rather than just estimates. He was certainly asking a lot more of us than most of our potential clients but good for him. An informed client makes for a happy client.

The client had two main questions:

1. What is the average number of views per job? We attached to our emailed response an  example of a monthly job detail report that we emailed to an organization which is quite different from the client’s in terms of what they offer to their clients but quite similar in terms of how we envision working with the client. As you can see, in September we ran 1,370 jobs for the existing. Note that jobs were activated on virtually every day of the month and so the average job ran for only half of the month. We tracked and report 15,020 views for an average of 10.96 views per job. Given that the average job ran for half of the month, that equates to 21.93 views per job.

2. What is the average number of click-throughs per job? In the same report, you can see that we generated 9,802 apply clicks to the jobs on the client’s career site. That averages to 7.15 apply clicks per job. Over the course of an entire month, that works out to 14.31 apply clicks per job. We’re pretty happy about that given that a recent study by job distributor eQuest across two million job postings across 800 job boards found that:

  • There was an average of just 2.5 apply clicks per ad.
  • 75 percent of the job posting ads generated zero apply clicks.

So, what was my takeaway? Well, first of all, I don’t put much stock in how many times a job posting is viewed. A job can be viewed hundreds of times and generate only a few applications. Is that good or bad? It depends. It is good if the vast majority of the views came from people who were poorly qualified. But it is bad if the job board made it difficult for those people to convert from a mere view to an apply click or application. That can happen, for example, when the job board requires an onerous registration process and so the candidate gives up rather than applies to the job.

Much better was the data around the apply clicks. Remember, across two million job postings across 800 job boards eQuest found that the average job posting ad generated just 2.5 apply clicks. On the other hand, for this pretty representative client, College Recruiter generated 14.31 apply clicks per job. That means that we generate almost five times the number of candidates for our employer clients as our competitors. Nice. Very nice.

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