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antonio tooley

Antonio Tooley

Before you know it, major life events show up. One day you’re graduating from high school, and the next, you’re getting ready to take a new job you’ve never done or joining a college, which is a new experience altogether. Whether it is a job or a new college, job seekers need resumes, as well as very intriguing cover letters.

If you have never had the opportunity to write a resume or create a cover letter, they can both be very daunting processes. However, with the rise in technology and online applications, making a resume or cover letter is especially easy. To help out, here are 10 very helpful tools.

1. Resumizer

People looking for a rather simple format should consider Resumizer which has been around on the World Wide Web since 2006 and is a free cover letter creator. With a variety of selections, job seekers can choose from many different styles; then, once they choose one, they simply click and create. Resumizer is a completely free tool, and highly renowned tool.

2. Text 2 Mind Map

When finding that your mind is scattered, and there is no feeling as though you’ve found the right means to sort through your thoughts, try Text 2 Mind Map. It is a site that provides online mind maps to help you organize your thoughts for any purpose. Many people use this site for projects; however, one can use it to do a multitude of things. Text 2 Mind Map is free to use, however if you create an account, they allow you to use multiple mind maps for minimal fees, the least expensive being $5 a month.

3. Edugeeksclub

Sometimes, people feel as though they need a professional opinion on their work. Whether it is a paper you are writing or simply a proofreading session, Edugeeksclub may be able to help. The site offers great writing and editing services as well as proofreading. It has been known to be used by many students, and the reviews are often astounding. Although Edugeeksclub is not free, it is still a very smart route to take.

4. Draft

This is a simple and effective online site that allows you to take your work to a more focused format. With their motto being, “write better,” Draft is a system that offers many great services such as version control, image hosting, copy-editing, auto-simplification, and much more.

5. Thesaurus

Have you ever found yourself trying your best to find the right words for your resume or cover letter? Try Thesaurus. It’s very easy to navigate and has been around for quite some time. If people are looking for a different set of words they feel might present more sophistication, give Thesaurus a look up.

6. Write or Die

You’re typing away on your assignment and suddenly, you hit a stopping point. That dreaded moment where writer’s block comes into play and you become frustrated. There is temptation to stop writing, but instead, take a moment to step away from it. After coming back a little later, you still have nothing to write. This can be frustrating and terrible as any writer or student can tell you. However, there is a site that is known for helping many people battle writer’s block. Write or Die, which works on devices such as Windows, Mac, and Linux, is a site that breaks through writer’s block by providing consequences for procrastination and rewards accomplishing a task. It is with the features such as visual stimulus and the rewards mode that helps one stay focused and really pushes past writer’s block.

7. Todoist

While there are many applications with an easy user-interface, some do not have the ease of switching between online and offline, as well as switching to different devices. To get a to-do list or perhaps a task manager, which can be used across multiple platforms, Todoist might be what you’re looking for. For people who have started something on their laptops and need to head out, they can simply download the app onto their tablets or phones and there you will have it. Todoist is available on almost any device, especially through the App Store for Apple and Google Play for Android.

8. Grammarly

According to their site, Grammarly is the world’s most accurate grammar checker. They claim to have a better check on writing than a standard word processor. There are many reviews that reflect Grammarly’s accurate abilities, and it is a completely free service to use. So, if job seekers submitting cover letters to jobs or colleges, an accurate spell and grammar check would definitely be a smart tool to use.

9. Cover Letter Builder

Anyone looking for a more step-by-step process in creating cover letters can head over to livecareer.com. They have a service known as Cover Letter Builder, which can help create whatever type of cover letter a person needs. First, they let users choose the letter style that is best for them. Next, users get to personalize their letters with their prewritten samples. Finally, if users like what they see, the site allows them to download the file to their computers.

10. Smart Cover Letter

Finally, there’s Smart Cover Letter. This site is similar to Cover Letter Builder in the way that users can choose their styles and make different personalized changes, as well as download the letter when it is complete in multiple formats such as MS Word, PDF and email. The site is very straightforward and presented in a very professional online setting. For job seekers who like quality or just need to get letters done, Smart Cover Letter is the way to go.

With this toolkit in their arsenals, job seekers are ready to start their job search journeys. Good luck and happy job hunting!

Antonio Tooley is a hopeless optimist who enjoys basking in the world’s brightest colors. He loves biking to distant places and occasionally he gets lost. When not doing that he’s blogging and teaching ESL. He will be happy to connect on Facebook and Twitter.

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