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How to eliminate stress at work

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December 18, 2015

akansha arora

Akansha Arora

During the week, a lot of time is spent at work, and it is important that people have a stress-free environment there. Stress exists commonly at every workplace, and being efficient at your job can help you deal with it. But what about the environment; would you like to sit eight hours a day at a place where you cannot even smile at your neighbor? Of course not! Maintaining good relationships with colleagues creates a stress free environment and enhances your productivity. Here is how you can build good relationships with your coworkers.

Many organizations focus on business communication. Business communication teaches people workplace ethics, how to and how not to talk, and how to and how not to behave at work. What is more significant than effective business communication is being free and comfortable at your workplace. If you are not comfortable with your coworkers or your manager, you can soon be left out even if you work effectively. For organizational success and your personal growth at work, developing healthy relationships with colleagues is a pre-requisite.

Why is it important to build workplace relationships?

Why is building relationships with colleagues inescapable to have a rewarding and stress-free time at work?

Your colleagues can be a great source of knowledge for your career. The personal growth workers could achieve seeking help and advice from seniors and teammates can accelerate their growth.

There are simple ways to improve or build relationships at work. Some of them which would not require doing something out of the box are:

Smile please

As often as possible, keep a smile on your face and in your eyes. Make sure your voice and gestures display delight when meeting and greeting coworkers. Establish eye contact when having conversations with colleagues. Keep a comfortable posture and open heart. Using your hands during conversation is a sign of open body language.

Use a friendly tone

Even if a colleague is one of your best friends, keep that kind of friendship out of the office. In the workplace, make sure to use a polite tone with everyone. Create a comfort zone for co-workers by using a tone that does not disturb anyone.

Keep the “get to know each other” time

“There is hardly any time to finish assigned work; how am I supposed to know people at work?” Chances are you have a similar thought when reading that heading. But as important as it is to be effective at work, getting to know colleagues holds equal importance. Whatever breaks (time to recharge and relax) you take at work, take them with the team. A conversation over a cup of coffee is a healthy way to build relationships.

Maintain trust and mutual respect

Imagine working at a place where your ideas have no value, and you have no feedback at all. All you do is arrive at the office, work, and leave. That is pretty monotonous; you do not want that for sure. To have an environment where your ideas are heard and valued, and there is feedback for growth, you need to have trust and respect for the boss, as well as people you are working with and people working under you.

Be kind and generous

Give and share whatever you can. It could be knowledge, ideas, information, etc., that in one way or another helps people grow. Being kind and generous is a choice.

Be truthful and reliable

Speak the truth to avoid workplace politics. Be truthful with your work, colleagues, and manager. This helps build trust, and in turn, better relationships.

Remember, it always takes time to build relationships, but it is crucial to behave professionally at all times. Your colleagues should never feel uncomfortable with how you build relationships. Understand a person first and then decide to take the further steps. If you think you would not be able to develop a healthy relationship with someone, just be cordial.

Maintaining a good rapport with everyone around helps you make gains in your professional life.

Akansha Arora is a professional writer and blogger who loves to pen down her views on a number of topics that interest a reader. A writer by day and a reader by night, her passion is to help readers in all aspects of the job search, new technologies like job alerts on mail and mobile, resume writing, and other areas. Find her on G+:

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