Big data facing big shortage of skilled workers

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Have you heard the phrase do the math? That’s what North American employers are looking for; people to do the math in the field of big data. A shortage of skilled workers in the field presents job opportunities in mathematics, one of the STEM fields.

Leading up to the Graduate Employment Conference Europe (GEC Europe), College Recruiter is publishing the opinions of experts based on a series of questions related to global talent acquisition. In today’s article, Tel K. Ganesan, CEO and President of Kyyba, comments on the shortage of skilled workers in big data and focuses on the opportunities for mathematicians.

tel k. ganesan

Tel K. Ganesan, CEO and President of Kyyba

“Mathematicians can do very well in the fields of statistics, but what is growing even faster right now is the field of big data, where there is a big shortage of skilled individuals. Also, those involved with the Internet of Things (IoT) will continue to see many doors opening for them. Mathematicians can be very successful with data visualization, general purpose program languages, and problem solving, which are much-needed skills in big data. It’s an interesting time for the mathematicians of the world, as the Internet boom has made the field (as well as engineering and science) seem more exciting and cutting edge to new generations of students. Of course this will benefit them, as this is where the jobs are.”

Tel K. Ganesan is CEO and President of Kyyba, a Detroit headquartered global IT, engineering services, and a software product company focusing on education and manufacturing domain. He is also on the Advisory Committee for the National Veteran Business Development Council, Board of Directors for Global Detroit, and member of Board of Advisors of Ann Arbor-SPARK, Global Talent Retention Initiative of Southeast Michigan. He is also the President of Talent, Ideas, and Enterprise (TiE).

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