Employee resource groups offer leadership and empowerment

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Sometimes employees believe their concerns are neglected in the workplace. They want to say something but don’t feel encouraged to do so. Employee resource groups offer a sense of empowerment that can potentially transform workers into leaders.

College Recruiter is currently focusing on employee resource groups (ERGs), publishing the opinions of experts based on a series of questions. In today’s article, Abby Kowalewitz, Brand Strategist at Allen & Gerritsen, highlights a new initiative focused on leadership and empowerment for women.

abby kowalewitz

Abby Kowalewitz, Brand Strategist at Allen & Gerritsen

“A relatively new initiative we have started is Boss Ladies, a resource designed to encourage female leadership and empowerment. A&G supports us in our efforts to grow and pursue things we are passionate about, and it’s great to have that kind of encouragement. It’s motivating to have a support system, and it infuses something new into our everyday that challenges and inspires us.”

Abby Kowalewitz is a Brand Strategist at Allen & Gerritsen. She is also the ambassador for Allen & Gerritsen’s internal Women’s Leadership and Empowerment program, Boss Ladies.

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