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Nurse visiting senior female patient at home

Nurse visiting senior female patient at home. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

The most important thing to do when choosing a college major and targeting a specific career is to do a little research on that specific area’s job market. While taking up a career of interest is important for a happy life, it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows in every case. You need to be sure of its job prospects.

Every student’s biggest fear when deciding on a college major is not finding a stable job after graduating. No one wants to invest a huge amount of money and time just to sit jobless or flip burger patties after graduating. This fear is what makes choosing a career the most difficult decision of one’s life.

If you, too, are having a tough time with this decision and want to go for a safe option, you might want to consider the US Department of Labor’s new list of professions with high employment rates. Here are the details of the top 5 professions with better working projections, extracted from that list:

  • Nursing:

Nursing aims toward basic health care and is often called the noblest profession. It is dedicated to the initial diagnosis and basic treatment of health related problems and/or physical injuries. As of yet, nursing tops the list of professions with the best employment rate.

  • Operations management:

The area of administration and management has the main objectives of managing tasks and evaluating productivity. Graduates may engage in business management in the areas of finance, production, marketing and market research, and human resources. They can also work in accounting departments and companies engaged in insurance or financial institutions.

  • IT – Support and software development:

The world of IT has many opportunities, ranging from basic work flow management to advanced software development. The employment possibilities are vast.

  • Medicine and surgery:

The world of medicine and surgery is always in need of more people. A bachelor’s degree, followed by several years at medical school, is required to become a doctor. Doctors and surgeons are always welcome to work in every country.

  • Technical auditing and accounting:

To put it simply, accountants manage cash. They keep an eye on the spending of a company. This is why accountants are always needed and have bright job prospects.

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