Making Diversity a Priority in the Workplace

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Does a level of concern exist in your company about diversity? While you may support diversity in the workplace, you may not know how to implement it. As an employer, let us help you consider a variety of factors to make diversity a priority in the workplace.

To help explore these issues, College Recruiter is hosting a College Recruiting Bootcamp on LGBT and other diversity hiring issues on Tuesday, September 29th at the Twilio headquarters in San Francisco. Join us.

Prior to that event, we’ll publish the opinions from a number of talent acquisition and recruiting leaders about why and how employers should diversify their workforces. In today’s article, Annette Morris discusses how Nestle Purina PetCare Company addresses diversity in the workplace.

annette c. morris

Annette C. Morris, Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Gender Balance with Nestle Purina PetCare Company

“Our commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace is having the right strategies in place to address recruitment, development, retention and engagement of an incoming workforce that will be more diverse in terms of traditional visible forms of diversity, as well as the invisible aspects. These may include a person’s geographical background, how they approach problem solving and form ideas, what cultures they have been exposed to, and many others. We celebrate differences and promote an environment in which we believe everyone’s unique skills contribute to our overall success.”

As Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Gender Balance with Nestle Purina PetCare Company, Annette C. Morris, is responsible for the development and execution of Nestle Purina’s diversity, inclusion and gender balance strategy. She works closely with the Head of Human Resources on people strategies to create value for each of the company’s stakeholders in the areas of Workforce, Culture, Community and Marketplace.

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