How to create a good impression at the job interview?

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young candidate having an interview with his employer

Young candidate having an interview with his employer. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

There are a number of things that play a significant role in passing a job interview; one of them is your impression. Know that your impression can either get you selected or rejected for a job. Therefore, you must create a good impression of yourself on the recruiters. Follow the guide below to know how to create a good impression at the job interview:

Turn up knowledgeable:

Turning up knowledgeable by getting information about the company and job position you have applied for is very important because it not just boosts your confidence, but also shows the recruiters that you are interested in working with them and have done your homework about the company. Most of the interviewers often ask this question to the interviewee to find out what you know about the company and why you want to work with them. Prepare yourself for this question so that you can answer it effectively. To get the information about the company, search for it online. Read their press releases and the news articles available about them. Also visit the company’s website to know what it does, what is its goal, and what services or products does it offer etc.

Be prepared for the common questions:

There are a few questions that almost every recruiter asks in a job interview like what is your qualification? Do you have any experience? What are your weaknesses and strengths? Where do you see yourself after a few years? Why do you want to work with us? Why we should hire you etc. Recruiters judge applicants on the basis of their answers. These questions help them to know how knowledgeable, confident, and proficient an applicant is and whether he or she is eligible for the job or not. So, keep yourself prepared for such questions so that you don’t get confused when the recruiter asks you any of these questions.

Dress properly:

The dress is one of those factors that play an important role in creating or ruining an impression at the job interview. Know that your dressing speaks a lot about your personality. So, dress properly and professionally so that you create a good impression on the recruiters. Make sure your dress is properly pressed and decent. Avoid coloring your hair before going for an interview because it creates a really bad impression on the recruiters. Also brush your hair well, and clean your teeth properly.

Behave professionally:

The way you behave during the job interview tells a lot about yourself. The recruitment panel usually consists of experienced people who can sense whether an applicant is serious about the job or not from their behavior. So, behave nicely and professionally. Do not try to be someone that you are not. Be true and honest. Don’t speak much, just answer questions that you are being asked. Also, don’t use slang words and take long pauses during the interview. Sit straight and make sure your posture shows your confidence. Give greetings to the interviewers when you enter the interview hall and also when you leave. If the interview turns into a casual conversation, then throw a compliment to the interviewer. At the end of the interview, gently remind the interviewer to consider you for the job.

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