Why Working from Home is Good for Employees and Employers

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Adaptability and flexibility are two primary requirements for the majority of roles today. The ability to change job location and hours of work can be a condition of employment in most contracts. In recent years, many corporations have started to implement telecommuting strategies, whereby employees work from home or in remote locations. Incredibly, 36% of workers would choose the option of working from home ahead of a pay rise, while 46% of companies that have introduced telework state that it has reduced attrition.

This infographic aims to educate and inform on the benefits of telecommuting to both the employer and the employee, providing statistics from corporations who have implemented telecommuting. While these statistics indicate success in key areas for businesses, it is worth noting that telecommuting can be better suited to certain character traits and characteristics, which is also examined.

needa working from home infographic








































































































































Source: needa.ie

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