Is Your Resume “Hire Worthy”?

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young smiling woman holding her resume and applying for a job

Young smiling woman holding her resume and applying for a job. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

When creating your resume, you are probably thinking about including enough information that will get you an interview.  While that is the goal, a job seeker should also focus on whether or not his or her resume is “hire worthy”.  In other words, if you were the employer, would you be impressed with your resume to hire you?  Does it meet all of the expectations an employer is looking for?  Here are some tips to write a resume that reflects the best you, which can turn you from a job seeker into a job candidate.

Limit bullet points – On your resume, include the most detailed information when listing your last job.  For other recent jobs, use no more than a couple of bullet points to emphasize your biggest accomplishments and save space.

Less is more – Are you thinking about adding photos or images to your resume?  Unless you are applying for a job where this is suitable, it would be wise not to include them.  Not only because they are a distraction from your resume, but your document needs to get past the employer’s applicant tracking system, or ATS.

Offer some context – When talking about previous employment, use a bullet point to explain the work you did and how it can benefit your potential employer.

Consistency counts – Make sure that your resume is organized from top to bottom.  Having a consistent structure will not only improve your resume’s chances of getting past an ATS, but it will be easier for an employer to read.

Put a number on it – It is one thing to say what you can do, but it’s another to show what you have done.  By quantifying your achievements, an employer can better understand the impact you can make for his or her company.

Keep information relevant – Your resume should highlight the things that are important to a specific employer concerning a specific job.  Remember, an employer has no time to waste when reviewing your resume, so only add meaningful content.

When you are writing a resume, understand that it will be viewed from an employer’s perspective, not the job seeker’s.  Your resume should reflect you as the type of candidate he or she is looking for.  Hopefully, the tips above will help your resume demonstrate that you are “hire worthy”.

A resume isn’t about including everything. It’s about including the RIGHT things. Still, you might have a lengthy internship and work history and think, “How am I supposed to put all of my jobs on one page?”

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