How to Become a Go Getter at the Workplace

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a determined young businessman on the go.

A determined young businessman on the go. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

What’s the difference between a robust employee in the workplace and the one who “checks out” of work even when he is present? They could be working under the same boss, having the same credentials, or even providing the same quality of work (that is when they are both motivated). The main difference, hence, may lie in a personality trait that differentiates successful people from the unsuccessful ones. One’s a go-getter and the other is more of a no-getter.

Which one are you? If you’re reading this post, then you’re probably looking forward to knowing what it takes to be a go-getter and not only be able to motivate yourself at work every single day, but also power up others around you with your spark.

To become that, you need to adopt a go-getter mentality and this is what it’s like…

Always Show Up at Work:

Do you remember those students (you may have called nerds) who showed up every day to class no matter how ill, irritated, or lost they were? Go getters have discipline, not only in their days of school, but also at work. This is why a go-getter would show up at work every day and be highly reluctant to take a day off. They’ve got bigger things to worry about at work than just a runny nose!

Create Long-term Goals:

What motivates a go-getter to work so hard? In my opinion, it has a lot to do with goals—both long term and short term. The main source of their motivation is essentially a long-term goal that is broken down into shorter goals. They understand that every little bit of effort counts (short-term goals) and eventually allows them to move closer to the big achievements (long-term goals).

Do What they Love and Love what they do:

Is there a difference? Indeed there is. What is under their control, they choose to do what they love (job, career, hobbies, relationships). But what is beyond their control, they choose to love it, regardless. Go-getters try to find one thing they like or want even in the most boring task and use that as a source of motivation… hence choosing to love what they do.

Never Seek Approval:

What makes an entrepreneur a successful entrepreneur? It certainly isn’t a wide network of “support” offered by friends, family, or other relatives. In fact, the sad reality is that you’ll face many naysayers throughout your life, and especially when your go-getter attitude gets to a no-getter. Since most people are no-getters, they’re going to convince you that you’re dreaming too high or trying too hard. A real go-getter wouldn’t care what anyone says. They’ve got to do what they’ve got to do. Even if that means hiring an expert for help. They take risks and no one’s approval is needed, sometimes not even their bosses’ (of course he will be impressed with the result later on).

Are Optimistic:

I’m not going to give you the “positive vibes” bunch of baloney. However, it can’t be denied that a positive attitude, or in other words“optimism”, is what charges up a go getter. With positive results yet to be achieved in mind, it forces them to “go get” what they know they can. Go-getters are hardly put down by re-works, lectures, or additional responsibilities.

Always Work Hard:

You don’t have to be a 4.0 or an Ivy League graduate to be a go-getter. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of who can have that headstrong attitude to “give it their all” every time until they have accomplished it. This, of course, requires valuing hard work above everything else. Go-getters are extremely hard workers—they don’t rest until they have achieved what they’ve been aiming for, for a long time.

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