How Fortune 500 Employers Use Data and Analytics to Drive Their Recruiting Decisions

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Leading employers strive to recruit the right candidates and put those candidates into the right seats. For many of our Fortune 1,000 and federal government agency clients, that means hiring the best and brightest students and recent graduates. But how do you find these highly sought after candidates when your competition is targeting the same people? Combine a better candidate experience with better use of data and analytics for a winning one-two punch.

The candidate experience is about making the job application process as efficient and effective as possible.  Employers want to learn as much information as they can about applicants, while job seekers want to apply for jobs in a simple and clear way.  Two companies offering assistance in the candidate experience when it comes to recruiting are Yello and Brazen.  While both offer different services, their goal is to help employers build relationships with candidates.

After building these relationships, candidates’ interest may then be in completing a job application on an employer’s website.  The user experience must be quality or else an employer may miss out on the candidate he or she has been waiting for.  Also, be sure to have a trusted resource to gather data from applications and transfer it over to your company’s ATS to improve the application process.

Speaking of data, how can a company obtain the information they want in order to make the best decisions concerning talent acquisition?  While there are different options, College Recruiter can offer the following:

  • Years of college recruiting data and analytics
  • Build your case for more investment in college/intern hiring
  • Predictive analytics on turnover by college, major, gender, etc.
  • Entry-level wage gap data
  • Data on which colleges have the minority candidates employers are looking for

Check out the following video to learn more about the solutions that can enhance your company’s candidate experience and provide the data that can help you recruit the best talent.

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