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You have heard of being tech-savvy, but how being social media savvy?  I’m not talking about just socially but professionally.  If you are using social media, you can establish your personal brand so that employers and recruiters can find you.  Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can boost your job search if used correctly.

Importance of Social Media to Job Seekers

Job seekers will be pleased to know that there are employees who have earned jobs thanks to social media.  According to research, over 18 million Americans say they have used Facebook to get a job, over 10 million say they’ve used LinkedIn to get a job, and about 8 million say they’ve used Twitter to get a job.  In addition, 92% of employers expect to recruit more candidates using social media and 89% expect to hire more candidates using it.

Act like a Professional on Social Networking Sites

Facebook – The big guy of social networks, Facebook allows you to keep in touch with family, friends, and everyone else.  On a professional level, you can leave a positive impression on recruiters and employers.  Here are a couple of tips to help you do that.

  • Delete any photos or images that leave questions about who you are
  • Stay away from any controversial comments

LinkedIn – It is the biggest social networking site for professionals.  LinkedIn connects you with people inside your industry of interest.  These contacts can lead to job opportunities.  A key to success is sharing quality content.  Remember to:

  • Provide links to content you have written about your industry
  • Ask questions that show your interest in learning more about a career area

Twitter – Twitter is a place where you can share and receive the latest news and information.  You can also “follow” those you’re interested in, which is good for your job search.  Start following companies you would like to work for and see where that takes you.  Some other advice:

  • Stay active with your tweeting to connect with people who can potentially move your career forward
  • Follow experts who offer information in the areas you want to learn more about

Social media can assist your job search if you use it correctly.  No matter whether you are on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, leave a great impression on employers and recruiters.  They will see you are social media savvy and intent on landing a job.

Today, 28 percent of people’s time online is spent on social media networks. In fact, the average internet user spends 1.7 hours every single day on social media. If you’re hunting for a job, it’s pretty likely that you’re also spending some time using social media in your job search.

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