Entry Level Jobs: The Best and Worst of 2015

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young web designers looking at a laptop and discussing

Young web designers looking at a laptop and discussing. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Following graduation, many college graduates are out searching for entry level jobs.  As a recent grad, have you thought about what kind of position you would like to have?  Before accepting a job, do your research so that you understand all of the expectations for it.  To help with your job search, WalletHub has shared a list of the best and worst entry level jobs of 2015.

Best Entry-Level Jobs
1. Training Specialist I
2. Web Applications Developer I
3. Network Engineer I
4. Attorney I
5. Environmental Engineer I
6. Software Engineer I
7. Designer I – Web
8. Information Security Analyst I
9. Financial Analyst I
10. Programmer I

Worst Entry-Level Jobs
100. Welder I
101. Building Inspector
102. Policy Processing Clerk
103. Electronics Assembler I
104. Boilermaker I
105. Claims Processing Clerk
106. Consumer Loan Servicing Clerk I
107. Refinery Operator I
108. Sheetmetal Mechanic I
109. Floor Assembler I

No matter what the perception of a specific entry level job is, there is an opportunity that’s right for you.  You just have to find it.

To see the rest of the entry level jobs listed, go to 2015’s Best & Worst Entry-Level Jobs.

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