Four things to do after your job interview

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job applicant having interview. handshake while job interviewing

Job applicant having interview. Handshake while job interviewing. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Getting to the interview stage of your job application is an achievement on its own. In today’s competitive world, everything does not come the easy way and same goes for the job. Especially during the number crunching economic times, it is terrifyingly difficult to find a decent white collar job. This is why an interview chance is one of the best opportunities you can grab, more so if you are a fresh graduate looking to find a good job. When you reach to the interview stage, there are several things you must do the right way if you wish to have any solid chance of consideration after the interview session.

Now there have been many blogs and posts which talk about things to do during the interview or before the interview session.  These are things like preparing yourselves for the interview, arranging your resume, talking in a particular way during the interview and suggestions to some generic interview questions. However, the moment an interview is done, everything is not out of your hands, you must do some things after the interview as well that can improve your chances further or also give you a learning experience for the next interview. Today’s blog post will be talking about four things that you must do after your job interview.

Talk to yourself

As crazy as it may sound, but yes, right after the interview session when you go home or are sitting in transport you must ponder over the experience you went through. Relive the entire scenario of the interview and picture yourself in the room again. Ask yourself how did you answer which question, what do you think was the weakest part of the interview? Find out on your own about the kind of answers that you gave and how do you think those could have been answered. All this will help you digest the experience and move on past it.

Find out about others

If you get a chance to explore your competition and the league you are playing in, for sure, do that. Learn about who else is applying for the position. Which institutions they are coming from? Talk to them about their own interview sessions and try to find out the difference. See if they got any positive replies on the scene or if they are in the same situation as you. This will help you identify or forecast your chances realistically.

Follow up

Good candidates show persistence by timely following up with managers or human resource departments about the position. Do not be scared of getting a negative answer and always follow up; try to establish enough rep with the manager interviewing to directly have his contact for follow up sessions.

Do not give up

Candidates give up very easily because of their anxiety or bad interview. Never give up, because finding a job may be tough, but it is not impossible, so as long as you do not give up on the task. Learn to move past your bad times and get the key learning out of it, so you do not have to repeat your mistakes.

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