10 tips to successfully handle your telephonic interview

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Hasibuddin Ahmed

Hasibuddin Ahmed

It might be a shocking revelation but do you know that more than 50% of the total applicants for a job get rejected over the phone. Yeah, that is a lot of numbers for just a simple phone call, one may think. But that’s where most of the applicants go wrong, deeming it as a simple phone call. It is the starting of your life’s most important journey if you are a fresh graduate looking for a job. Instead of going on a job application frenzy all over the top job sites available, here are some tips you should keep in mind once you get a chance for an interview call.

Nowadays most of the companies do a telephonic round of interviews to get the interview process started by knowing about the candidate. And as cliché it may sound, it is useful to know that, “the first impression is the decisive one”. Even when you apply for a great company that it is not present in your city but due to the good impression you made with your CV, the hiring manager decides to give you a call. What would happen if this happens to be your first telephonic interview?

Here in this article I have put forward ten points that you need to keep in mind while preparing for a telephonic interview:

1. Get the required ambience

Telephonic interviews need a great deal of attention. Find a quiet place in your house where you will not get disturbed by anyone; family, friends, pets and other sounds that may interfere with your voice. It is good if you keep your door locked. Even a bit of attention deprivation can lead you to become inattentive and you may end up giving the wrong answers.

2. Do not be casual in any manner

Talking in the phone may put you in a casual attitude, but you should definitely avoid falling in that casual trap. Telephonic or not, interviews are interviews. I would suggest that you should even put on a formal attire to get the feel that is not a casual conversation that you are having but a job interview that will shape your career.

3. Always have a copy of your CV or better be well-versed with it

You should be able to refer your CV whenever required and asked by the interviewee to clarify any points in your CV. It is great if you are thorough with your own CV; this would make you able to answer any questions regarding it quickly. It would have a negative impact on your candidature if you cannot even remember some points that you mentioned in your CV.

4. Good to go hands-free

There are a lot of advantages for you if your hands are free so that you can promptly do some calculations or if you get tired while holding your phone for a long time. Use a hands-free kit or a Bluetooth device, which enables you to talk freely without any clutter. This tip will come in handy for those who are applying for engineering or science related fields. Also keep a pen and a notepad ready for anything that requires you to write or solve.

5. Know how to pronounce the interviewer’s name

Not only should you be able to remember the interviewer’s name but also know how to pronounce his name perfectly. Every interviewer is going to introduce himself along with his/her name and you should clearly hear how he/she pronounces the name. This would put you in the interviewer’s good image.

6. Have a glass of water near you

If you are talking for too long, there is a great chance that your throat may get dried up. It also happens when you are tensed and nervous. So keep a glass of water handy to get your communication clear and not have to clear your throat. A glass of water will also calm your nervousness.

7. Always be polite and be prepared for the phone call

What will happen if you forget that you have fixed the day’s morning as your time for a telephonic interview and the interviewer calls you when you are still sleeping? You will sound sleepy and groggy. The interviewer can know from your voice that you did not even bother to remember your interview timing. Also, remember to sound polite throughout your conversation. Do not be aggressive while putting forward your ideas or reasons.

8. Do not fake anything

If you do not know the answer to a particular question, do not fake it. Telephonic interviews are the same as face-to-face interviews and you should not try to do that. Interviewers can see through your answers.

9. Do not be too brief or too long with your answers

Do not be too brief in your answers or give one word answers. You should be convincing of what you are saying. It is also a waste of time for the interviewer if you go speaking the same thing winding the answers too long. Be precise and say just what is needed enough to convince the interviewer.

10. Ask him about the next step

You should always show your interest in the job. If you do not ask him about the next step or is there any face-to-face interview that you should give, the interviewer will think that you are least interested in the job profile.

I hope these points will help you in cracking your next telephonic interviews. Just remember, “Keep calm and give the right answers”.

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Author bio: “Hasib is a professional writer working with one of the top job sites in India and often writes articles that guide professionals on their career decisions. He is an avid reader and lives for two things – football and food. If he is not involved in any of those, you can find him contemplating existential issues. Reach him @ twitter, Google+, LinkedIn

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