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6 Terrible Mistakes Employees Often Make That Cost Their Promotion

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Who does not want to get a promotion? Every one of us strives at our workplaces to get promoted or to find a better job. Why don’t all of us get a promotion that easily? It is probably because not all of us know what it takes for earning one. Career development is not something that people are taught in schools. That is one reason why many people are bad at using the right career development strategy. Even if you have the right skills, people fail in getting a promotion because of this problem.

But, you would stand a better chance of getting a promotion at your work now; all you need to do is to be aware of what is going wrong. Take a look at the following 6 most common mistakes that can cost you the promotion:

1. Multitasking

It is great if you are good at multitasking, but going back and forth and dealing with too many projects at the same time can make you bad in all of them. You might think you are saving time but the truth is, you are being vulnerable to make more mistakes. Your boss might be noting this habit and he may not be noting it. Not to forget, if the employer feels that you are already doing all the jobs, then there is no need to promote you to a higher designation.

2. Keeping Your Head Down

That time has gone when people used to keep their head downs and complete the work assigned, in other words, being recognized as a good employee to earn a promotion. You have to get up and show your boss what you are good it. If you are not active in communications and discussions, you will never get noticed even if your work is good.

3. Over-Delivering

Research shows that over-delivering or doing more work than actually assigned or promised is not a helpful strategy in impressing your boss. If you think that you are going to get a promotion by doing more work, then you need to wake up.

4. No Criticizing

You have to be the person who criticizes if you want a promotion. With criticism and debate, new ideas are generated. Do not be the kind of employee who does not share his ideas or criticize thinking that it will make the boss offensive. There is a fine line between calmly stating your point of view and misbehaving with others. Be confident, and show that you too can be of great assistance when it comes to generation of ideas.

5. No Socialization

Living in isolation is never going to offer you any promotion. You need to socialize and communicate with your coworkers to work together as a team. It is not just important to be in the good books of the boss but also important to be in the good books of your fellow coworkers. This tends to improve work satisfaction and your chances of getting a promotion. If everyone likes you, they will vote for your success always.

6. Making Yourself Seem Irreplaceable

It is great if you are working hard but in order to get a promotion, you don’t need to make the boss think that you are irreplaceable. People try doing their job so well that they make the bosses believe they are meant for the particular job only. So, it is never going to help in getting a promotion, in fact it will cost you a promotion.

If you are seeking for a promotion, do not be the one committing the mistakes mentioned above. If you do so, you will ruin your chances of getting promoted and this can be really disappointing.

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