4 Tips to Write an Amazing College Essay

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Following the tips below that we got from a bunch of professional writers could just get you into your dream college.


Do not be so fast to write your college essay. Besides, you still have a month to write so it’s good to take a few days to ponder on what to include in your college essay. Do a research on the real you, your accomplishments, interests and the passions that drive you to follow your goal. Through this entire brainstorm period, you will find a different way to put everything nicely in the college essay. Keep in mind that anything standard will be rejected.

Maintain Focus

To beat hundreds of students out there, you should not lose your focus. You want to emerge the winner, you have to think differently and focus differently too. Do not focus on writing what most students will go for. If it is a topic, come up with an interesting one that will capture the reader’s attention. Make a list of the ideas you want to use and make sure they explain your passions.

Be Yourself

The worst experience professors have is reading a college essay that is exaggerated. Do not make a mistake of including achievements you have not experienced. Do not fake interests just because you desperately need to be accepted. The admission board examiners expect to know you by simply reading your college application essay. Be happy being you and include everything that the admission board should know. If you have a wild side, let your admission board know. Perhaps they just need a student who is brave enough to share his/her life with strangers. Do not try to change your normal tone.

Edit Your College Essay

You begin your college essay and simply write without bothering about the mistakes you make. But once you are through, do not be too excited and submit your essay without editing. Take a break from writing, then embark on the editing process. Take note of spelling mistakes, poor grammar, awkward sentences, repetitive words and ideas that have not come out clearly. Simple mistakes like lack of capitalization, punctuation and tenses can get you into trouble. Programs such as spell check and grammarly will make your editing easier.

The people you are writing to anticipate a good experience when they get hold of your paper. Give them the reasons as to why they should take time to read your college essay. They should see the reasons why to pick you and not your fellow friend.


Linda Merrill is a professional writer and content creator at writing services like 911collegeessay.net for college and university students. She loves to write about college life.

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