Ten Tips For A Successful Graduate Year

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Caroline Schmidt

Caroline Schmidt

For many graduates across the world, graduation signifies both the end of something and the beginning of something. For many it is the ultimate progression they have been longing for. A chance to step forward from what feels like a lifetime of learning and finally into a career. Here are some essential tips for your graduate job search success.

1. Be Prepared

Keep up to date with what is happening around you. Follow news and trends that can help with your career and read books that interest you. If you sustain a passion for learning you will never find it irrelevant. Additionally, if you haven’t gained much work experience yet, consider doing so now. Look into working part time or volunteering to gain the experience you need. Find your skills gaps and make a plan to develop the required skills.

2. Be Open Minded

Attempt to work in as many different situations and with as many different types of people as available. Volunteer for intriguing projects, introduce yourself to someone new everyday and truly embrace the unsettling nature of not knowing everything.

3. Be Patient

Have a little perspective, it’s inevitable, things are going to go wrong. You should learn from these moments as opportunities to further the development of your own self awareness and growth. No one escapes life without enduring hardship and ridicule. The difference between those who overcome these challenges is attitude and perspective. It is important to stay involved if something doesn’t go your way, embrace challenges and setbacks and be an epitome of the change you want to see.

4. Be Persistent

Even if your first job is not quite what you expected, do it well. All experience is good experience. By assuring your employer that you can be useful and resourceful will make your employers and co workers want you on their team. If you can prove good for the business, then the business will be good to you. If you can persist with a job you do not enjoy, imagine what you can achieve when you finally find your passion.

5. Be Proactive

Instead of wishing that something would happen, be someone that makes things happen. Visit your university’s careers fair or career service, get registered on a graduate job database and participate in graduate recruitment programs. Submerse yourself into the business and find ways you can be proactive. Utilize your strengths to achieve success and identify areas of weakness to help refine your skills.

6. Be Organised

Your new position will incur new responsibilities and demands so it is highly important to prioritise and organise. To ensure this make lists and keep a diary of all of your upcoming deadlines and fill your calendar with reminders. Keep your desk tidy and file away all paperwork in an orderly way.

7. Be Resilient

There will be times in your career you will fail. When you do you should use it as a highly valuable lesson that you will take with you for the entirety of your working life. Handle your mistakes well and turn them into actions, take what you have learned and move forward.

8. Proactively Seek Employment

If you have the time to do more work, you should proactively seek it. You should let your team know that you are able to assist them and there will most definitely always be someone who will appreciate your help. You should ensure you understand all expectations, seek feedback and seize all opportunities.

9. Surround Yourself With Support

Relationships are the biggest resource you have. Your life will be highly impacted by those you choose to include in your life. Always remember your family and friends are worth more than job titles.

10. Learning Never Stops

Even when you graduate, learning never stops, it is a lifelong endeavor. Always look to challenge yourself and refine your thinking. Life is about learning, developing and growing. Do not waste your experiences, look at them as learning opportunities.

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Caroline Schmidt writes the blogs for Kangan Institute. She is passionate about education, careers, and giving advice to students of all ages.

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