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Understand the Career Prospects after Completing an Executive MBA

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August 3, 2015

Catherina Thomas

Catherina Thomas

There is no doubt that the much coveted Masters degree in Business Administration, that is, the MBA is a degree which can completely change your life, granting you access to higher rungs of the ladder, and a whole new administrative expertise to spearhead projects with. There are various different MBA courses available, one of which is the Executive MBA degree.

It is a graduate level degree, with the distinguishing factor being that one needs 3-5 years professional experience to apply for the course, and also that he would not need to quit his day job to accommodate the course into his schedule. It is a highly specialized course, targeted at managers and administrators who wish to enrich their careers. You could learn more about PGDM and other courses too, but an EMBA is one of the best options to give a boost to your career.

Career Prospects after the Executive MBA

Before the EMBA degree, you were an official at a firm, knowing that the posts above you were not accessible to you. Having completed the degree, you will find that the world is your playground. The opportunities are endless, as both local and multinational companies reserve the highest designations for MBA graduates. You could also choose to remain at the firm you were at; you will find it much easier to rise through the ranks with your new found knowledge and expertise. Human Resource managers, project heads, company directors, everyone is seeking a specialized Executive MBA course to open up new professional avenues.

Startups and New Business Ventures

Several EMBA graduates have shown an interest in startup business ventures which allow them to put their expertise into full application. Whatever be their field of expertise, an executive MBA definitely allows them to apply their knowledge in new ways to ensure success and organized management. The course promotes insights into managerial levels for a number of different streams of work, and is highly in demand in the global industry.

An expert on the matter has indicated that there are several driving factors behind what is being perceived as a boom in entrepreneurship interest among the youth. Advances in technology and their application in business would allow a tremendous boost in operations. EMBA candidates are fully knowledgeable and equipped to go out into the business world with a venture of their own and make it big. This experience also gives them a professional edge over young budding entrepreneurs with startups, as they might have a good idea but zero knowledge about execution.

Better Jobs and Better Pay

The EMBA will allow the candidate to jump higher in the employment sector. Statistics show a fairly large paycheck increase within three years of graduating with an executive MBA, the best paying sectors being banking, finance, healthcare and consultancy. Several graduates choose to leave the firm they were working for and seek employment at a better position in another firm. Others choose to stay loyal and patient, and work their way up the administrative ladder surprisingly soon. Reputed institutes have revealed that within three years of attainment of the EMBA degree, candidates who worked in a professional capacity started working in administrative and presidential or vice-presidential roles.

What sets EMBAs Apart

EMBA students are given a whole new level of perception which allows them to see the corporate world for what it is, and gives them a global outlook. This allows a candidate to scan the markets and find career options which are more respectful and more lucrative, and also bring them a ton of experience. The students themselves learn a lot through interpersonal interaction, as each of them belongs to the same field and brings varied levels of experience and expertise to the table. A good institute will also allow foreign excursions and detailed case studies which allow them to hone their minds and become better professionals.

Author Bio

Catherina Thomas is a management guru and an entrepreneur who has spearheaded several successful business ventures in the past. She is presently the CEO of a venture capital firm, and also an active blogger, as she advises aspiring businessmen to follow their dreams. For more information visit

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