6 Things you are Doing Wrong with Your Visual Resume

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Akansha Arora

In this competitive market it is necessary that you make yourself look different from the rest. The creativity and uniqueness in your CV can still grab you an interview. The six seconds that a recruiter spends on your CV should reflect a part of you so that the recruiter becomes sure about you. So what different can you do? Well in this technology driven world, visual resumes are the next in thing. Here is everything you would want to know about visual resume, what you might be doing wrong and how you can use them in your job search.

In this technology driven market, a traditional resume might not be able to keep up with the pace of a visual CV. With a lot of talking going about visual CVs in the recent times, these are the kind of things the recruiter wants to look at today. Not only they display your abilities and qualifications, but also lets the recruiter know about your personality at once. A visual CV would require you to have a strong online presence and you will have to bring the creative side of yours in function when building a visual CV.

But there still are chances that you might be doing somethings incorrectly that can keep you from landing at a job interview. Here is a list of 7 things that you might be doing wrong with your visual CV:

#1 Not Referring to Samples

When you are new at something it is always better to go through some samples before you start with your CV. A sample for a particular job description will give you a brief idea about how to go about your visual CV.

#2 Not Taking an Expert Advice

If you are new at it and looking forward to get the right resume at once, take an expert advice. For the first time they will guide you how to go about it. Make use of a number of online portals that help you make a visual CV with the help of a resume writer expert.

#3 Believing that You Have to Be a Designer

It is myth that only designers need and can create a visual resume. Today a lot of recruiters expect something new and different from the traditional resumes that they have been seeing since years. There are a number of tools online that help you make a visual CV and if you still are not sure if you can do it, seek help.

#4 Not Sharing It

Creating a Visual CV and not sharing is something more than wrong. It is worse, as if you do not spread it and create a strong online presence it would just be a waste of your time and effort. Social media is one of the strongest mediums today that can help you create a strong online presence. Some of the mediums you should be sharing are:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest

#5 Not Portraying Your Soft Skills

If you are not using your visual CV to display your soft skills then there is hardly any difference between a traditional resume and a visual CV. Your qualifications and work experience might tell the recruiter that you are one of the potential candidates for a particular job, but if they can see you visually talking to them, that could be impressive. This especially works for a sales job, or jobs that require you to be in touch with your customers daily.

#6 Not Knowing its Advantages

There are a number of advantages that a visual CV has over traditional resume. Not knowing its advantages will keep you from it for a long time. Some of the advantages that a visual CV offers to you are:

  • They can keep the recruiter interested with your information as they are conglomerate of web links, images, audios and videos rather than a 10 page long pages of information
  • Recruiters love them way more than traditional resume
  • It can get you international offers without you being physically present there
  • It makes you stand out from rest of the candidates applying with traditional resume

Knowing its advantages, you should be keener in getting one soon.

The Final Words

An interesting conglomerate of images, videos and audio that can make a recruiter interested in you is one of the major reasons that visual CVs are trending now days. While traditional resumes are just a jungle of educational and professional information in an old not so interesting manner, whereas a visual CV does the same in an interesting yet professional manner.

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