• 10 Qualities Of An Excellent Team Player At Any Workplace

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    A team player is a valuable asset to any organization. While a lot different from a leader, team players are equally important in helping driving the organization towards success. A leader can also be a team player if he keeps his dominating nature aside and becomes a part of the group he is working with. Here are a few qualities that can make a team player outstanding in the workplace:

    1. Show Genuine Commitment

    Team players are genuinely committed to their cause. A good team player might participate in the office hours but a great team player will make the participation worth his time. He will give a 110% to his work for excellence.

    2. Easily And Quickly Adaptable

    Instead of sitting at the bench watching the rest of the crew perform, an outstanding team player wants to see the magic happen through his efforts as well. He is flexible to the situations thrown his way, and he participates and tackles challenges without getting stressed or pressurized under any given circumstances.

    3. Confident Communication

    While a good team player would get his work done silently without trying to involve others as much as possible, an excellent team player will embrace the confidence and express his ideas clearly and honestly without staying in the shadows.

    4. Reliable And Responsible

    An excellent team player will be reliable and responsible. He is expected to be at the top of his game by completing the tasks as soon as he is given the job. He has positive relationships with his team members displaying high levels of reliability and responsibility.

    5. Actively Listens

    A team player is only excellent at his role if he considers and respects the viewpoints and ideas of other people as well. He understands and tries to include his team members by listening to their opinion and taking it into account; after all he is part of a team.

    6. Shares His Opinion

    Likewise, he shares his opinions without trying to come up with a plan on his own and take credit for it. He keeps other team members informed at all times, instead of plotting away new plans in the corner trying to lower other members’ morale.

    7. Always Ready To Help

    Even if it is not his job, you can expect him to give a few pointers that could help the other person out in one way or another. For instance, if a member of his team is having troubles with dissertation writing UK project, he’d gladly help that person by giving him pointers regarding methodology, literature review, etc. He considers all team members as a part of his team, so he makes sure everyone is involved at all times.

    8. Supports And Respects Others

    Instead of shutting someone out or laughing at their ideas, an excellent team member knows how to respect his fellow team members. It is important to keep in mind that respect is only received when you give it to others. An ideal team player knows how to have fun, but he would never do it at the cost of someone else’s respect.

    9. A Problem-Solving Approach

    While normally, a leader tries to take charge and solve everyone’s problems, many cannot ask him for help because of his reserved nature. A team player on the other hand can help solve all sorts of problems with no difficulty.

    10. Compromises His Point Of View

    Unlike a stubborn leader who believes his point of view to be the final decision within the group, a good team player can compromise his point of view in support for the others.

    Team players have different personalities. You can play your role by being an active part of your group through participation and eagerness.

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