Five background investigation checks crucial to eradicate CV lies

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Verify word under magnifying glass and related terms like prove, justify, confirm, attest, clarify, authenticate, document, inspect and check

Verify word under magnifying glass and related terms like prove, justify, confirm, attest, clarify, authenticate, document, inspect and check. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

We call lying as human nature simply as it is a natural instinct that we are all born with. However, how and to what extent can it get developed depends on the conditions, situations and the urge to survive. In the recruiting world, it is found evidently on resumes. But there is a problem for every solution as summarized by the quote:

“You may tell the greatest lies and wear a brilliant disguise, but you can’t escape the eyes of the one who sees right through you” -Tom Robbins

This is the sole purpose of Back ground screening companies. No matter what the situation, when companies outsource them this important task, a good and effective one will accomplish it very well.

The Basic Lies:

  • Tampering with the dates of employment
  • Exaggerating in different areas
  • Making tall claims especially regarding Salary

Here are five strategies recruiters apply to chalk out any sort of discrepancy on a resume.

Cross Referencing:

The purpose of asking for references is to ask them about the applicant’s history regarding work related and personal habits. Not only that more related references can be approached to validate applicant’s claims, hence, easing the decision process.

Approaching past Employers:

This is done immediately to match the dates of employment as listed out by the applicant. This helps the recruiters to check the duration of the employment, reason of leaving, last salary drawn, behavioral issues and workplace habits, image etc.

Authenticating professional memberships:

A must do procedure to ensure that the applicant’s membership is still active.

Scanning social media profiles:

This is surely a great way to get a wholesome idea about the applicants’ social life, habits, hobbies and interests. Profiles on LinkedIn help to validate the digital, communication and other competencies of an applicant.

Hiring a professional Background screening company:

This is the last best option especially if you still find the applicant worthy of being put up on the short list despite a few flaws. There is nothing more expensive than your peace of mind and paying these companies surely ensures this. It gets you covered in areas of education, experience, criminal history, address verification, Interpol check, tax registration and much more.

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