Want a Promotion? 5 Tips to Help You Earn One

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Do you believe it is time for you to get promoted at work?  If you have been with a company for a while and have proven your worth, then chances are you are probably right.  You may have even asked your boss for a promotion before, but for some reason it was not the right time.  That does not mean you should give up.  If your goal is to move up within your business, there are ways to do it.  Here are some tips to help you earn a promotion.

Ask for more responsibilities in your job – If you are managing all of your current responsibilities well, find out if there are other things that can be done to assist your employer.  Perhaps, you can work on other tasks or projects to help your fellow employees.  By taking initiative, you demonstrate a willingness to be a team player, and show your boss that you’re dependable.

Work with your boss – Also known as “managing up”, this idea has to do with consistent communication about how you are doing and what tasks you’re focusing on.  Building a relationship with your boss shows that you want to support him or her, which in turn can create support for you too.

Establish relationships with key people – Speaking of building relationships, it is wise to do so in the workplace.  Be nice to everyone and offer assistance when possible.  You never know who can influence a decision to promote you in the future.

Bring different skills to the table – There are certain skills that can help you advance your career.  Two examples are job skills and leadership skills.  Job skills are those that show your value at work.  If you want to improve these skills, consider going back to school or getting training.  Leadership skills demonstrate your ability to take charge of a situation and get things done.  To enhance these skills, you may want to get into some leadership development classes.

Practice patience – Your promotion won’t necessarily happen overnight.  Continue to work hard and stay positive.  Eventually, your time to get promoted will come.

If you have not received the promotion you believe is deserved, don’t give up.  Use the tips above to take your career to the next level.  Your hard work will pay off.  Good luck!

Now that you’ve changed your mindset toward getting a promotion, you’re probably thinking okay—now what? What steps can I take right now to start positioning myself for a bump up the ladder? How can I assure that when a job I am supremely qualified for opens up, I won’t be passed over?

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