How Targeted Email Campaigns Achieve Hiring Goals

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Talent acquisition is a competitive and increasingly difficult task, as the world has become more digitally focused and the recruiters are asked to do more without gaining more resources. Targeted email campaigns are a great way to address some of these issues for talent acquisition managers in that they help reach qualified candidates and are great for high volume hiring needs.

In this recorded webinar, College Recruiter’s Jamara Cheek, national account manager for government agencies, discusses how targeted emails can help an employer identify qualified candidates for their entry-level hiring needs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn what targeted emails are and how they will expose an employer’s brand and communicate a hiring message to qualified candidates.
  • Understand how targeted emails will generate engagement when an employer needs to hire dozens or hundreds of qualified candidates.
  • Communicate the hiring message by targeting candidates by:
    • School
    • Major
    • Year of graduation
    • Geography
    • Diversity criteria, including veterans and disabled

Implementation and deployment of targeted email campaigns to college graduates and college students. One week after deployment, we provide metrics on how the email performed, usually double industry standards.

Jamara Cheek with government agencies to help them hire college graduates for entry-level jobs and students for internships. Andrea McEwen-Henderson facilitates College Recruiter’s webinars, moderates the discussions at the College Recruiting Bootcamp conferences, and works with small to mid-size employers on their entry level hiring needs.

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