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When a recruiter is given the task of hiring LOTS of people in a short amount of time – time that you don’t have – they can get very stressed and not meet the amount of candidates they need! The All You Can Eat job posting packages from College Recruiter can help you find great candidates fast.

In this recorded webinar, Terri Swanson and Andrea McEwen-Henderson, National Account Managers from College Recruiter, discuss how the All You Can Eat job posting package can help an employer identify qualified candidates for their entry-level hiring needs.

Terri Swanson works with Fortune 1000 companies to help them hire college graduates for entry-level jobs and students for internships. Andrea McEwen-Henderson facilitates College Recruiter’s webinars, moderates the discussions at the College Recruiting Bootcamp conferences, and works with small to mid-size employers on their entry level hiring needs.

Topics Discussed:

1. What is the All You Can Eat job posting package?

  • A job posting package where your company can have as many jobs as they want posted on our job board with one low monthly cost. What we do is go to our client’s website to scrape jobs with little experience needed.
  • The company’s profile can have all the jobs offered by that company, giving more opportunities. We also supply banner ads, which rotate through, on our home page. This helps when a client is looking for a job on our website and didn’t know that a specific company was looking for those applicants.
  • Also a video is allowed per all the different job postings – college students like interactive media and videos more than articles.

2. What hiring challenge would an All You Can Eat job posting package solve?

  • For a company that hires a lot of people, and want to get all of their hires up on a website, now can.
  • Anyone who is looking for a lot of candidates and a steady flow of new applicants, this is just what you have been looking for.

3. Can you explain the process, from beginning to end, if an employer is interested in an All You Can Eat job posting package?

  • It is an easy and quick process. Go to and check out our job board. Then email any national account manager and they will direct you to the operation team. Once you are transferred to the operation team they will send you an email with specific steps to follow. These steps tell you the process of implementing the AYCE job posting package.
  • You can then see how many applicants were from our site every month. This whole process takes less than 48 hours to complete and begin to see applicants applying much more and much faster.

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