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Beyond Nine to Five – Acquiring and Retaining Talent in the Digital Age

Acquiring and retaining talent in the digital age is a very important skill to know. In recent years the way recruiting works has drastically changed. The way that students and graduates are looking for jobs has changed as well. Learning these new strategies can help increase the speed and ease of recruiting new talent.

In this webinar, you’ll learn some key points on how to acquire and retain talent in the digital age. College Recruiter is the leading niche job board used by college and university recent graduates searching for entry-level jobs and students hunting for internships.

For job seekers, College Recruiter features hundreds of thousands of entry-level and internship job postings from thousands of large and small employers. College Recruiter also has tens of thousands of employment-related articles; ask the Experts questions and answers, blogs, videos, and more.

Andrea McEwen-Henderson, National Account Manager for College Recruiter, introduces Ade McCormack, a former Financial Times columnist on the digital economy. He has worked with graduates right through to the leadership of the world’s leading brands. He is an expert on talent management in the digital economy and is the author of ‘Beyond Nine to Five – Your career guide for the digital age’. He has also lectured at MIT Sloan School of Management.

Topics Discussed:

1. How would you define talent?

  • Able to do things which computers can’t do. For example: be creative, be able to spot patterns, and have innovative thinking

2. Why do you believe talented employees are more important than customers?

  • If you think about it, with a good customer list and no talent soon you won’t have a good list. But if you have a good talented field of employees then the customers will be drawn to your company anyways

3. To what extent are we entering a golden age for the HR department?

  • HR has a branding issue; it is confusing why they aren’t represented in the boardroom in most company conferences or meetings. Ade believes they need to downplay the administrative aspects and be more forward thinking. This gives them lots of opportunity to reinvent themselves into a better branded department

4. What can organizations do to improve their attractiveness to the best talent?

  • The employer and company become a lifestyle statement. If would people be proud to be associated with the organization then it is attractive. For example, if your company is somehow saving the planet then that end of the market is better for attractiveness. They want to lead a purposeful life while working with you, not just work somewhere without values

5. Is a very, very generous compensation package still the nuclear option if you simply want to get the best talent with the minimum of fuss?

  • The closer you get to investment banking the more true that is, throwing money at the talent won’t work. Focus more on the time part of it; everyone in the next generation is focused on doing the most with the time they have left on this planet. If you are able to prove that you will make their time worthwhile, they will be more likely to have little fuss over working for you

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