Four reasons why four years of college are the best part of your life

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Portrait of happy college students studying on bench at campus

Portrait of happy college students studying on bench at campus. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

College education and life is one experience that no student or individual per say should really not have gone through. College, besides a transition phase from your late childhood or teenage to early adulthood, is also a place where you find some of the best moments of your life. It is the time when you start to look after your own self, stop relying on your parents and learn the realities of life in a soft manner. After college, usually hardships and struggles await you; so quite literally, college is also the best part of your age and life.

When you spend four years or at times three years at a college, you not only go through a roller coaster ride of academic programs and terms, but also have the best part of your experience and learning through different other avenues. For example, taking part in community service, learning a skill or an art and going through the training program. For students who are in college and having tough times it might not come as a true fact that college is one of the best parts of your lives, but when you actually graduate and move on to the next step of your world, then you will realize how true this fact was and how easy your life was. Today’s guest post will serve as a reminder and a motivator to students explaining to them why four years at a college are probably the best time of their lives.

Not guided by norms or governance

When you are a student and at a growing age, you are free and exempted from all the judgments that come from living in a community, be it anywhere around the world. People take you as someone who is not yet fully grown up to understand the complications of a society and to cope with norms or governance. Apart from the very basic ones, no one really is holding you up with any expectation to follow any kind of rule. This is why most students at college level take themselves as rebellious and rule breakers something which is very cool and trendy among them.

You are not responsible for anything

When in college, the only sole responsibility you have is of your own and managing your studies that is as much as it can get. You will not be held accountable to earn money, take care of the family or contribute to the society. As a matter of fact, you will come across opportunities where people may sponsor your studies through scholarships so you do not even have to pay money for your studies.

You can make mistakes a lot of them

Students are free to make more mistakes than adults working in their professional lives. They can also experiment a lot with different things as they are in a learning phase and exploring themselves still.

Your relationships are casual

Most of the times your relationships will be very casual and ordinary when it comes to hooking up and having friends. You will not be taking care of them as much as you would once you grow up and graduate to another life besides college.

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