5 Ways To Find A Valuable Internship For You

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An internship is an important part of getting ahead when you graduate as it adds valuable and practical work experience to your resume. Here are five ways you can use to find a valuable internship for you.

1) Talk to your professors. Most professors have great contacts with the corporate world either through their own work or their research. Professors can help you figure out what internship is best for you and put you in touch with the right people in human resources. They can also add great references to your applications giving you an edge over other applicants.

2) Set up a LinkedIn profile. Most employers will search for you on LinkedIn before they reach out to you. Because of this, it is important to have a professional LinkedIn profile that clearly outlines what you are looking for. LinkedIn also provides great applicant opportunities as many employers use it to advertise their internships. By spending time on building a great profile, applying to internships will also be made easier.

3) Seek out your career centre. Your school’s career centre likely has many internship opportunities that they are seeking to place students in. Employers often contact career centres directly especially for internships. By meeting with a career centre advisor, you can be pre-screened for any appropriate positions. Advisors will also feel more comfortable recommending you if they have already met you. Additionally, they can provide valuable resume and cover letter guidance.

4) Search online. Just like there are websites catered towards job seekers, there are websites catering to internship seekers. Make sure you do your research and set up profiles on these websites. Highlight your course work and career goals as it is likely that you will not have relevant work experience. Ensure that your profile is updated regularly and highlights all of your relevant achievements and extra activities at school.

5) Visit your community career fairs. Often career fairs will cater to both internships and paid employment. Even if they do not have specific internships, it is a great way to meet several company recruiters and network with your resume. This will help them reach out to you if an internship position opens in the future. Additionally, while they may not have a specific opportunity for you, they may know of someone who does so it is important to network as much as you can at a career fair.

Author bio: This article has been written by Victoria an HR Manager at Imagiacian – Web Design Company. She likes to write on those topics which help young grads to look for jobs easily.

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