Building Diversity & Inclusion to Support the Americans with Disabilities Act 25th Anniversary: Recruitment, Retention and Stakeholder Engagement in the Digital Age

Posted May 29, 2015 by
Jonathan Kaufman, CEO of J Kaufman Consulting

Jonathan Kaufman, CEO of J Kaufman Consulting

The month July 2015 marks the 25th anniversary of The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a truly landmark piece legislation that fundamentally redefined how people with disabilities live in American society. One of the cornerstones of this legislation was the impact on employment across all sectors.

On July 22nd, College Recruiter will deliver a free webinar on how employers can build diversity and inclusion. In this digital dialogue on diversity, you will learn how to leverage new resources, tools, networks and opportunities to gain access to a powerful talent pool that is critical to addressing your human capital and digital engagement strategies for long-term growth.

In this webinar, we will address:

  • Key trends vital to understanding disability in the digital age.
  • Key resources for recruitment and retention of the differently-abled.
  • Strategies to gain buy-in from senior leadership to build stakeholder and community engagement.

About the speakers:

Jonathan KaufmanCEO, J Kaufman Consulting

A graduate of Sarah Lawrence College and Oxford University with an emphasis on disability lifestyle, work, and policy issues. Professor Kaufman holds a graduate degree in the social sciences from the University of Chicago in Psychiatric Social Work/Human Development with Public Policy. A Graduate from Columbia University he studied Applied Anthropology with an emphasis on the culture of work for the 21st Century.  Seen as one of the most innovative thinkers in both the diversity and disability arena; his background in organizational strategy applied in the field of personal growth advises clientele as both a coach, speaker, professor, consultant and licensed clinician. Always seeking to develop new strategies and initiatives by synthesizing ideas from management theory and entrepreneurial thinking to tasks at the intersection between public policy and the realities of the business world.

John BersentesArea Vice President of Hodes a division of Findly Talent, LLC

John brings over twenty years expertise and specialization in diversity recruitment and outreach.  He advises his clients on the latest recruitment solutions and advertising campaign strategies evangelizing digital grassroots outreach, social media and mobile recruitment based communication solutions that are employer branding. His focus as of late has been on building sustainable and replicable approaches to strategic talent acquisition, employee and stakeholder engagement.

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