How College Students and Job Seekers Can Use LinkedIn to Their Advantage

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As college students and job seekers look for employment, they should consider any resources that can boost their chances of success.  In today’s world, social media can play a role in the job search.  LinkedIn is a professional networking website that allows people to present themselves in a professional manner and connect with professionals who can be valuable resources.  If you want to a leg up on the competition, you should learn how to use LinkedIn to your advantage.

Professional networking – As previously mentioned, one advantage of using LinkedIn is the chance to connect with professionals.  Is there a certain career area you are interested in or company you want to work for?  Reach out for some information about your industry and/or career advice to enhance your knowledge and show your enthusiasm for learning.

Create a unique URL – The URL can be between 5-30 characters and should be something that helps people remember you.  Think about using your name and anything else that can identify you.

Network with students and professors – Do you have any classmates or teachers you have built relationships with?  If so, maybe they can help you with your job search.  Who knows, they may even be able to write a recommendation for you.  Connect on LinkedIn to see what they are doing.

Key in on keywords – When creating your LinkedIn profile, you want people to find you, especially those within the industry you are interested in.  Using keywords can help you with that.  From the text in your headline to the body, add keywords that describe your career status, industry, skills, accomplishments, etc.  Also, look for frequently used words in relevant job descriptions.

Research potential employers – Visit companies you might like to work for by reviewing their pages on LinkedIn.  This allows you to learn more about the workplace, the employees, and the company history.  As a result, you will get a better idea as to whether or not you would want to work for a certain employer.

In a competitive job market, college students and job seekers should consider any resources to increase their chances of finding employment.  LinkedIn is a resource that can help present them as professionals.  Following the tips above can be advantageous in taking the next step in their careers.

As summer approaches, many students look forward to more than a few months off… they’re thinking about how to use this time to move their career goals forward. And for many, that means building a professional online presence, including a LinkedIn profile. And yet one question lingers: “I’m a college student… can LinkedIn really

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