Guidance For Recruiter in Finding Job During Recession

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Human resource concept: Job interview

Human resource concept: Job interview. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Finding a job is difficult. And in a recession period; more difficult and frustrated. For one single vacancy in any organization there are 1000 candidates. This makes it more challenging for any student or qualified person to find the job in need. There is a theory to impress a recruiter to get the job and beat those thousands.

The job interview begins from the moment that you are called to attend an appointment and success will depend largely on the degree of preparation you have for it. Thorough interview preparation should be a golden rule for anyone interested in a job candidate.


During the interview questions work, improvisation and unprepared responses are unprofessional attitudes that are immediately detected by the human resources personnel responsible for selecting and totally contrary to what a company would hire. Before going to a job interview get all the information you can about the company, go to their offices, look at corporate colors used, seeking information on their website, looking at statements issued by the company will give you an idea of ​​the style project communication, know all about their philosophy, products or services they sell; the more you know the company, the better and more prepared the impression. Make sure the place, time and name with whom you’ll have the interview, if you do not know the name of the interviewer, ask. Sometimes the place of the interview is not the same as the place of business, if you can, get close to the site a day or two before to verify the address, the time you spend getting there and if you were to park easily. Bring this information the day of the interview and arrive about 15 minutes early, and avoid being late and give a bad image also to get twice as nervous.

The way of dressing also influences decision making in a job interview, since it projects a first image without uttering a word. Remember you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Bring a small notebook where you are taking notes and a pen. They will help you not to bother the interviewer if you need to write something and record your findings, questions, impressions, etc. once you have left the interview. Always carry 2 or 3 copies of your resume because sometimes you find interviews in with multiple interviewers and it is better that they too have your CV. You should also reserve a copy for you, not only because it gives a better impression during the interview questions, but you project an image of being an organized person. Prepare the interview. There are some questions in the job interview that are common and used by various persons responsible for the selection process. Write down all your possible answers on paper and study them, this will make it easier to remember during the interview. If you get more security, rehearse in front of a mirror before going to the job interview.

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